Miguel & Eljadusa

The caribbean dance show for every occasion

Eljaduša Kedveš was born in Konstanz, Germany, grew up with gymnastics, dance and violin. She studied rhythmics at the State Music High School in Trossingen and is now working as a choreographer, dance trainer and assistent at the theatre „Theater des Kantons Zürich“ in Swizerland. In 1992 she dedicated herself to Salsa dance and music, and since 1998 she is working together with her partner Miguel.


Miguel Dominguez Rodriguez was born in Havanna, Cuba, where he was educated at the State Sports SchooL He lives in Germany since 1983, has been working with various Salsaand Breakdance- groups and is now forming part ofthe show dance group „Expresion Latina“ from Zürich, together with his partner Eljaduša.


Both ofthem have been to various countries like Spain, Germany, Swizerland, Cuba, New York, United Arab Emirates etc. for dance shows, working with orchestras and performing in videoclips as weil as teaching dancing classes. They have also formed part of the first Salsa World Congress in Swizerland in 2001. Their repertory covers all caribbean rhythms like Salsa, Merengue, Cha-Cha-Cha, Mambo, Son, Rumba etc.

Kontakt:  info@expresion-latina.com

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